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The Women’s International Trophy is a unique event in Germany and a top-level tasting: wines, beers, and spirits from all over the world are tasted by an international jury made up entirely of women. All the tasters, sommeliers, oenologists, etc. are experts in the field. With nearly one thousand samples tasted in 2024, the popularity of this competition is clear.

All male and female producers around the world can submit their samples.

A one-of-a-kind competition in Germany


Tasters are the cornerstone of the Competition. Each sample is blind-tasted by an international jury composed only of women–all experts–and marked on the basis of the sensorial analysis criteria defined by the OIV (International organisation of vine and wine).


The competition is recognised by the Rhineland Palatinate Ministry of Agriculture and ISO 9001-certified. Certification is a guarantee - for both producers and consumers - of rigorous selection.


After the tasting, you receive a complete organoleptic analysis of your sample (appearance, aroma, taste, harmony) along with competition averages, to evaluate your sample’s position with regard to competitors.


The competition uses its extensive network to communicate results directly to the main decision-makers: buyers, sommeliers, restaurant owners, importers, journalists for the specialised press.


Many tools are made available to you: Metal plates to hang up at your site, medals to affix to your products, award certificates to send to clients, award-winners on the competition’s website (to increase your internet visibility), the competition’s social networks, etc.


The organising company, ARMONIA, has relied on well-known media sources since its creation. Each year, articles in the general and specialised press spread the competition’s renown and make it better known to the general public and buyers and importers as well:Lebensmittel Zeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, VINUM, Wein-Plus, WEIN + MARKT, etc.


Womens International Trophy presents results 2024

Womens International Trophy presents results 2024

Published on 2024-05-23

Armonia Deutschland GmbH organised the fourth edition of the wine, beer and spirits competition "Women's International Trophy" on 17 May. In a blind tasting, the samples are presented to an international jury consisting exclusively of experienced female expert tasters. These include expert profiles such as (fine brandy) sommeliers, oenologists, winemakers, beer sommeliers and master distillers. Results 2024 Almost 1,000 samples from 30 countries were submitted for the 4th edition. Among them were wines from the U.S.A., France, Argentina, Slovakia and many more. The spirits tasting surprised the tasters with exotic samples from countries like Estonia or Luxemburg. For the beer tasting, samples were submitted from Brazil, Belgium and Spain, among others. Only the best samples are awarded gold and silver medals by an international jury consisting of about 80 tasters from 14 different countries. This ensures that the consumer is always guaranteed a representative selection.  WINE TROPH...