Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry recognises the Women’s International Trophy.

Published on 2021-04-12

The Rhineland-Palatinate ministry of the economy, transportation, agriculture and wine-making has recognised the new wine and spirits competition known as the Women's International Trophy.

The ministry has also recognised the gold and silver medals that are awarded by the competition and used to promote the sale of award-winning products. These medals are a guarantee of quality for both consumers and buyers.

The ministry’s recognition marks the starting point for this first edition of the wine and spirits competition, the jury of which will be made up exclusively of women.

Armonia Deutschland GmbH is launching and organising the competition. The company has organised the highly successful Frankfurt wine, beer, and spirits competition for the past 5 years. With its long experience in organising wine and spirits competitions in Europe, the Armonia group guarantees optimal tasting conditions.