Who are we?

The Women’s International Trophy is a unique event in Germany and a top-level tasting: wines, beers, and spirits from all over the world are tasted by an international jury made up entirely of women. All the tasters, sommeliers, oenologists, etc. are experts in the field. With nearly one thousand samples tasted in 2022, the popularity of this competition is clear.

The competition is recognised by the Rhineland-Palatinate ministry of agriculture and is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. Thanks to this certification, producers can be assured of the highest standards of quality and perfectly organised tastings.

Each year, the Women’s International Trophy is represented by a woman who is prominent in the wine world. Mainz, the city organising the competition, is in the heart of Germany’s largest wine-growing region (vineyards of Hesse-Rhineland). Mainz joined the international ‘Great Wine Capitals’ network in June 2008 and now proudly represents Germany on the list of the world’s greatest wine destinations, so the competition is now under the patronage of Great Wine Capitals Mainz and the Hesse-Rhineland region.

Highest standards of tasting rules

At the Women’s International Trophy, wines, beers & spirits are awarded medals only after a rigorous selection process with high added-value. Both buyers and consumers profit from the high standards of the ISO-9001 certified competition.
Each sample is blind-tasted by an international jury composed only of women–all experts–and marked on the basis of sensorial analysis criteria defined by the OIV (International organisation of vine and wine).
To guarantee buyers and consumers a selection of only the best products, the competition awards medals to no more than a third of the samples presented.

Women are the largest group of wine consumers.

Medals–representing awards–on bottles of wine guide consumers in their choice and reassure them of a wine’s quality. Women are the largest group of wine consumers in Germany. A study conducted by Geisenheim university1 has shown that women drink more wine than men in terms of volume. In addition, more women drink wine than men: 62% of all women drink wine, while the percentage is only 52% for men. Women also spend more on wine than men: 185 € / year compared with 175 € / year for men.

Honorary president

Hart Elena

Head sommelière at the Restaurant “Ente“, Nassauer Hof

Menus at ENTE, the Michelin-starred restaurant at the Nassauer Hof hotel in Wiesbaden, are resolutely creative and original. Elena Hart, sommelier there since August 2016, helps you select the best wines from the restaurant’s famous wine cellar.

With more than 600 bottles of wine from which to choose, Elena takes you on a marvellous trip to the heart of ENTE’s finest wines. Take advantage of her know-how, let her guide you in choosing the wines that best suit the menu you have selected.

Elena has been advising diners in their wine choices since 2016 and her expertise is clear. She always knows which wine is best for each palate. Elena Hart has a wealth of experience despite her young age, and she plays an important role in this gourmet restaurant: she tastes and selects each wine with the greatest care, and that is what makes a visit to ENTE in Wiesbaden such a unique tasting experience.

Marketing tools


The competition awards two distinctions: Gold and Silver medals.
Thanks to the competition’s international fame, products bearing its medals are prized by restaurant owners, buyers and importers from across the world.
We have kept the cost of medals low to avoid increasing the bottle’s cost price.
From €10 per thousand.

More information
Metal plates
Metal plates

Metal plates are wonderful marketing tools, enabling to show consumers that your products have won medals and that they are recognized as among the best in their categories.
Put them on the tasting room wall and display them on your stand at trade fairs!

More information

Each award-winner is given a diploma to guarantee traceability of the award-winning batch.
It certifies that the sample was judged in its category and awarded on the basis of its organoleptic qualities.

Website referencing

The list of award-winners is displayed on the competition’s website for all to see.
Throughout the year a web team uses SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make sure web pages on the award-winning products are well-placed. The goal is to improve their rank in results returned by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
A product that is well-referenced in search engines helps make producers better known and can rapidly bring new contacts.

Organoleptic analysis

After the tasting, you receive a complete organoleptic analysis of your sample (appearance, aroma, taste, harmony) along with competition averages, to evaluate your sample’s position with regard to competitors.